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Photo of family out in the snow together

Why Volunteer?

Do good for your family and the world

We are a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Through the efforts of our Consignors and our incredible Volunteers, we’ve been able to make over $4 Million in donations to many in our community and around the world! Here are more reasons to join us.

Shop Early

As a volunteer, you will shop first and get the biggest selection at the best prices.

A Better Shopping Experience

Beat the crowds! Our volunteers shop with around 50 other people vs. hundreds.

No Consignment Limits

Our 20+ hour volunteers do not have to adhere to any of the limits on items they are consigning.

A Volunteer Pass

Receive a Volunteer Pass so you can pick up any of your unsold items after the sale.

Early Half Price Day Access

Shop Half Price day an hour BEFORE we open to the public!

Meet Incredible People

Our Volunteers are so varied and fantastic, they are your BEST network of people to get to know!

Photo of family out in the snow together

Want to Volunteer?

Contact us to learn more about Volunteering. NOTE: If you’re already a consignor, you can schedule volunteer shifts in your My ReRUNS account.

Photo of family of four walking hand in hand
Photo of family of four walking hand in hand

The Details

Our Volunteers help in every aspect of our Event. From inspecting Consignor items, organizing the sales floor, customer service, to helping check customers out. There’s always something to do and the time flies, because we do have fun!

Need to Know Items: