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Consign with us

second-hand that puts people first

Your outgrown kids clothes and toys lingering inside your closets could be doing a lot of good – for your wallet and for people in need. Consign (Resale) your things with us and we’ll help you turn them into cash. Our Consignors earned an average of $589 last event! Better still, after you’ve earned your money, we give all our profits to amazing charities right here in Omaha and beyond.

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A young brother and sister pose on a grey background

The Perks

So many wonderful reasons to join the ReRuns community

Now there is a place where the things we’ve loved get a new life. Where the things we want are more affordable, and where the simple act of selling and buying helps people in need. We believe gently loved clothing and goods deserve a second chance, and in the process we put people first – giving the profits from every sale to charities we love.

Earn Cash

You set your prices – earn 65% on the items you sell.

Do Good

100% of profits are donated to local, national & worldwide charities.

Save Cash

 Get early access to our sales and save big on quality brands.

Less Work

Once you’ve prepared your items to sell, we’ll do the rest of the work for you!

Resale fAQ

We hold two Children’s Consignment Events each year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Dates vary, so be sure to sign up to receive our emails.
As a Consignor you prepare your items according to our instructions and bring your items to us. ReRUNS then does all the promoting and legwork to sell those items for you. Once the event is complete, ReRUNS deposits your earnings directly into your savings or checking account for you.
Our Consignors make 65% of their asking price on all items sold. There is also a flat marketing fee of $15 per Consignor.
Because we are a 501C-3 Non Profit organization, the 35% and $15 fees may be tax deductible. Ask your tax advisor.
Our average Consignor grossed $589 at our last Event! How much you make depends on how many items you bring. It’s also important to price your items right. Over pricing does NOT mean you’ll make more money. Pricing them to sell quickly and selling most or all of your items is more effective than pricing your items too high and only selling a few things.
If you receive our emails, you are already in our database. You simply need to LOGIN using your email address and password (hit “Forgot Password? and we’ll send you a new one immediately). Once you’ve logged in, go to your “MY ReRUNS” page and REGISTER for our upcoming sale.

If you are new to ReRUNS, please REGISTER and select how you would like to participate in our upcoming sale.